About Us

Orphan Relief International is a UK-based international relief and development charity. the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world.

Mission / Vision

ORI is an independent, non-profit human rights organization for orphaned and abandoned children worldwide. Children who are deprived of the guidance and protection of their primary caregivers are more vulnerable to health risks, violence, exploitation and discrimination and they are often deprived of education. We strive to guard the fundamental needs of this disadvantaged population by engaging in advocacy, education, problem analysis, and the development of solutions based on sound research that can be applied by countries and NGO’s worldwide.

It is our mission to serve the best interest of children without parental care worldwide, by reducing the number of children without parental care. ORI will do this by using the best possible research on “best interest of the child” to assist governments and NGO’s worldwide to unite children as early as possible with permanent and loving care. Special attention will be given to find structural positive solutions for older children, less easy to place in family or family-type environments.

To offer a temporary place of safety for children without parental care and to promote the holistic growth of the child: emotional, cognitive, social, moral and physical. Restructure and build family units and reorganize homes into family models including a special needs section and a medical facility. Step up reintegration activities of children back to the community.

The rights of those who are neglected and oppressed are fulfilled by providing sustainable development solutions relating to shelter, education, health

“Indeed, the men who practice charity and the women who practice charity … it will be multiplied for them, and they will have a noble reward.” (Qur’an 57:18)

We are Inspired by the Islamic teachings of empathy, generosity and selflessness, the trust aims to alleviate poverty and suffering across the world.

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What We Do

Sponsor an Orphan

“Blessed is the wealth of the Muslim, from which he gives to the poor, the orphan and the wayfarer.” (Muslim)

There are an estimated 200 million children worldwide that have experienced this loss. Many of these children will come from already disadvantaged backgrounds. So losing a parent can mean that access to education, the protection of shelter, the sustenance of nutritious meals and the chance for a secure future all become an impossible dream. This is why the responsibility of care for the orphan falls on all of us.

Life Saving Medical Operations

Dramatically brand progressive portals via superior results. Credibly impact emerging benefits and state of the art outsourcing. Collaboratively create customer directed channels without tactical markets.

Seamlessly network out-of-the-box solutions with empowered value. Completely innovate synergistic infrastructures and B2B e-services.

Water Pumps

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “The best charity is giving water to drink” and he was the most generous in giving charity. (as narrated in Ahmad)

Access to clean water is a human right and we are working hard to ensure that greater water equality is achieved across the world.

we Installed thousands of water pumps around Pakistan in recent days.

Sponsor a wedding

Orphan Relief team were able to distribute Jahaiz on people's doorsteps. And many couples started their lives.

Mosque Construction

“Whoever builds a Mosque, desiring thereby Allāh’s (Most High) pleasure, Allāh builds for him the like of it in paradise.” (Sahih Bukhari)

Mosque is a place of worship, spontaneous and ceaseless praise, and a place where people gather to remember the Divine. Its significance not only limited to remembrance, but in the fact that the remembrace is done in a gathering. It also enable welfare of the community, gives an opportunity to care for others and to love one another.

Sponsor A Widow

HELP us provide a widow with the sustainability she needs to rebuild her and her children’s lives, a caring and loving environment without hunger and disease.Rebuild their shattered lives with a safe home, food, clothing, medicine and education.

Abdullah bin Abbaas Radiyallahu 'anhu once stated: 'For me to fulfil the necessities of a Muslim family for a month or for a week or for whatever period of time that Allah pleases, is more beloved to me than performing Hajj after Hajj. Buying a utensil for even a Daaniq (one-sixth of a dirham) and giving it to my brother as a gift for the pleasure of Allah is more beloved to me than spending a Dinaar in the path of Allah.' [Abu Nu'aym in Hilya 1:328]

Emergency Disaster support

“Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind” (Qur’an 5:32)

We aims to be the first on the ground when an emergency strikes, helping those affected immediately. They can’t afford to wait for us to raise funds before we help, so it’s essential we’re prepared before the disaster hits.

Food Pack Distributions

Hunger is the one of the biggest Problem all over the World. Donate the Food Packs the poor peoples with us to overcome this problem.